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Gerriets AqFlex® This year's Euro Vision Song Contest has been on everyone’s radar. This was certainly the case at Gerriets where the event became a big issue. At relatively short notice Gerriets produced 8,000 m² of the new Gerriets AqFlex® absorber system, which was installed in the old Copenhagen hangar for the Contest.

For more information on this project click  here.

Odeon Theatre Bucharest - a new main curtain The Odeon Theatre in Bucharest is one of the most beautiful theatres in Romania. Now the theatre has been enriched with another showpiece - a new main curtain from Gerriets, which was manufactured according to historical specifications.

Read more about this project here.

Crystal Bar at the Vienna Opera Ball 2013 One of the highlights at the Viennese Opera Ball 2013 was the Crystal Bar, which was set up in the foyer of the Vienna State Opera.

For more information on this project click here.

Asisi, Leipzig "LEIPZIG 1813 - In the confusion of the Battle of the Nations" is the latest panoramic image of Yadegar Asisi. Like the other panoramas it is installed on a Gerriets JOKER 95 track system.

For more information about this project click here.

Screens Cascade
The new Gerriets Screens Cascade
To facilitate the selection of our projection screens in the future, we have optimised our over 20 years ago designed overview and added all technical data and luminance charts.

Order our new projection screens cascade for a fee of 10,00 € under +31 (0)20 408 2553 or send an email to

Stage Skirting Who does not know the scenario - shortly before the event the stage platforms must be covered accurately. Where is the tape, the scissors, the duvetyn? Available from now on: pre-assembled stage skirtings, clean cut and looped with a special double-sided tape easy detachable from the podium side and with high adhesion to the duvetyn. In standard heights of 20/40/60/80/100 cm.

Click here to go directly to the article description.

Gerriets OPERA® projection screens chosen by Visual Separation for an outdoor event at the National Association of Broadcasters A/V and Tech Convention in Las Vegas.

Read more about the show here.

The cafeteria of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland was equipped with a well-designed work of art that completely meets the security conditions in case of fire.

To read more about this project, please click here.

Gerriets International fabricated and installed a new main curtain and motorised track system for the Queen's Hall Performing Arts Center in Trinidad and Tobago.

Read more about it here.

ShowLED - PLASA, London Special
As every year for PLASA in London we are glad to offer you special prices for our standard sized ShowLED curtains. Please contact our sales team for a quotation!

Now available: our G3-Silence for TRUMPF 95 tracks with integrated slots allowing curtains to be hung high on the carrier so that most of the carrier is hidden behind the curtain's top edge. With 360º swivel attachment. Extremely quiet. Same height dimension as previous model. Available in black and white.

Click here to get directly to the article description.

Now available: our G-TWIST for easy ceiling/surface mounting of TRUMPF 95 tracks. With two slots for 6 mm screws. Available in black and silver.

Click here to get directly to the article description.

The Association of British Theatre Technicians has awarded the Gerriets Batten Clew the product of the year award 2013 in the category engineering / rigging at the ABTT trade show in London which ran from 12.-13. June 2013.

Read more about it here.

Between the various trade shows around the world Gerriets is constantly working on new product lines in both textiles and technical areas. So once again SHOWTECH 2013 in Berlin provided the perfect platform to showcase the numerous innovations and developments in stage equipment and technology from the house of Gerriets.

Please read more about the fair  here.

Louvre Centrally located in Paris is the Louvre (French Palais du Louvre), a former French royal palace, which together with the destroyed Palais des Tuileries forms the Parisian city palace. Gerriets was entrusted with a large, temporary tunnel construction for the exhibition of the world famous Bouroullec brothers a few weeks ago.

To read more about this project, click here.

TUBE Roller System and OPERA Front/Rear Projection Screen on “SHADOWLAND” World Tour

To read more about this project please click here.

At SHOWTECH Gerriets introduced completely new, highly innovative, affordable, surprisingly light and partially self-darkening fabrics.

Click here to get directly to the item description.

Additionally to our 5 standard colours we now offer 3 new versions, in a single sided or double sided, version.

Order samples of our Brusan FORMTEX Mirror/Ice or Gold here.

2nd Source Book The original edition, published just last year, was the first all-in-one guide to the multitude of Gerriets products and a great success. We are happy to send you our new catalogue available form 22.10.2012.

Read about all the news  here.

Book Fair 2012 New Zealand was guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2012. Gerriets is proud to have provided the stand equipment for the host country.

For more information please click here.

Saint-Prex Classics 2012 At the end of August, the Saint-Prex Classics took place for the seventh time in the medieval village of Saint-Prex, in French Switzerland. For the first time Gerriets was involved in the event.

To read more about this project please click here.

Architecture Biennale 2012 in Venice At the 13th Architecture Biennale, Gerriets provided a complex curtain track system for the NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute) for the Dutch pavilion in Venice.

For more information please click here.

FORMTEX UNO and DUO The multi-use, one-or two-side coated, 0.1 mm thick aluminum foil for painting, printing and modeling of stage and film sets is now exclusively available at Gerriets.

Click here to get directly to the item  description.

PALME Middle East 2012 From 1st through 3rd May of this year, Gerriets was again represented at PALME Middle East.

Please read more here.

Bolshoi Theater in Russia Renowned the world over for its ballet and opera productions, the Bolshoi Theater reopened this past October, after renovations and restoration that took six years and more than 700 million dollars.

To read more about this project please click here.
Gerriets ceiling element for the Mercedes Benz exhibition International Auto Show 2009 Frankfurt
Here some impressions from the Mercedes Benz booth at International Auto Show (IAA) 2009 in Frankfurt.
Gerriets ceiling element for the Mercedes Benz exhibition International Auto Show 2009 Frankfurt
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The Drama Experience.
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